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Since I was a teen a couple of years ago, I can still remember what it feels like to be one of them. Actually, sometimes I am even scolded when I am acting like a teen girl. But I don’t care, those are the best years, and I have a lot of years to grow up.

But what does my attitude have to do with the reviews on this page? Well, I am the one who write them. I watch each and every video on this site (www.teenpornmates.com), and write down my thoughts right after that. It is usually a nice memory, or a past – sometimes even present – desire of mine, or something that I have learned during those years, or in a few cases I am betraying the present teens by telling you those secrets that none of my past boyfriends knew.

Am not saying that it is true in each and every case, but if it worked for me, or for some of my friends, then there still has to be girls who will fall – or rather willingly walk – into that trap. I know I am too crazy sometimes, and I cannot be tamed, but this is why I dare to say that I have a lot more experience than a usual teen.

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And this is also why almost every video reminds me of something I have done before. And in this way, you can be sure that all of these descriptions, summaries, reviews, call them, whatever you want, are a hundred percent unique because I am the one who writes them.